Quick old school Cypclops. Threw some colour on it. I recently took out X-men vol. 1 from the library so I’ve been enjoying the original designs. I don’t know if I’ll be able to read through the entire book (its a bit campy for my 90’s fed x-men diet) but Jack Kirby’s art in the first few issues is fantastic.
*side note: I drew him with his hand near his visor because from my memory thats how he shoots? But he seems to be hands free in the old comics..Anyone know how Cyclops actually fires his beam?
A crop of colour process work. I had the challenge of incorporating a bit of text into this spread..some howling going on here.
Small in-progress spot from Rosie & Rolland.
They took a little tumblr.
Busy painting all the line drawings now.
Chugging along..
Sorry for the bad pun.
- JB
Silly comic I did tonight. My mom is working on her masters and had a small assignment about ‘health literacy’. She’s a hygenist herself so she asked me to do a small cartoon about it. I worked so hard to work pterodactyl into this. Probably too hard.
I have a new aspiration to improve my hand lettering skills. Tried and failed, so I had to use the computer..
Best seat in the house…or jungle gym? 
I wanted to do some images on historical architecture from the dark ages(and closely surrounding time periods) and I’ve had this idea floating around for a while. How would people have interacted with these architectural wonders when the Romans had diminished in power or abandoned them? So I thought why not have some little street kids climbing on one to get a glimpse of some soldiers on the road.
This image was a challenge for me! First was trying to figure out some of the perspective of the characters and then the console of the submarine (which now as you can see got covered up by tentacles. It got to a point where I was happy with the line work but the colours just weren’t coming together. Then I played around with the idea of those tentacles wrapping over. I think what the added foreground shapes give it some depth and break up all the tiny shapes and elements I had going.
Fun image that gave me a bit of a run around. I wouldn’t mind exploring these two characters some more though. The over-top, semi flamboyant underwater sea captain kept me coming back to the picture.
My final Sinterklaas image. I don’t know what it is but the image of santa clause like this is so much more magical than a jolly man in a sleigh with reindeer pulling him. Maybe its just because here he looks more like Gandalf..
That’s probably it.
Anyways enjoy!
Sinterterklaas piece in the works..I made his helper fly. How else would he get around. Right?
Sinterklaas is, from my experience/tradition, the dutch Santa Clause. Interesting to read the influences and origins of the character.
Colour to come soon.
New work in progress. Damn that oddly shaped historical hat. I don’t remember how this idea came about but I guess submarine captains from the 18th century (?) would be fun to draw. The body positions and gestures were a challenge in this one. There are some ridiculous reference pictures for this involving two fancy (and oddly heavy) candle stick holders we’ve never used before.
Colour should be interesting here because of the underwater nature of the scene. Debating including the giant squid through the submarine windows. It could add another layer of madness.